88Dent at Euromold

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15997f2351ac9017a9a8e17cf287d3fdThis year to mark the 20th anniversary of EuroMold 88Dent fly to Frankfurt December 3rd through 6th together with EGS Solution EGS Solution to introduce its flagship: 88System, the new CAD-CAM system which includes 88Scan, a high-precision and high-performance dental scanner and 88Mill, a 4 and 5 axis dental milling machine with automatic tool change unit.

EuroMold is the world’s leading event dedicated to Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development. In this 20th edition Italy is the guest country and plays a starring role. For the first time the National Union of Italian Dental Industries (Unidi), to which EGS Solution and 88Dent belong, is attending EuroMold.
During the event several demonstrations of the most advanced CAD-CAM technologies will take place aiming to show the last digital developments applied to the dental industry through its different stages.
88Dent leader company in the Italian and foreign dental field, is at the forefront not only with its 88System, but also the with manufacturing of precious metal dental alloys with owned brands Valvambi, Union de Or and Orvill and non-precious alloys. Its product range includes also monolayer porcelains, dental zirconia disks, blocks and cylinders and a complete new line of glass ceramic silicate for pressing technique.
Moreover 88Dent provides casting and pressing service for labs as well as analysis and refining of precious metals.
88Dent belongs to 8853 S.p.A., a leading company with decades of experience in the field of precious metals and semi-finished products of any alloy, shape and application.
8853 S.p.A. is a member of RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) which guarantees the use of “conflict free” metals.

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